Russia begins military exercises with China-India

Russia begins military exercises with China-India
Russia begins military exercises with China-India

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Russia has started large-scale military exercises with China and India. The attack on Ukraine comes as the United States and its allies seek to isolate Russian President Vladimir Putin from the world. It was at this time that Russia started this military exercise bypassing the US effort. News NDTV.

The air and naval forces of the countries will also take part in the exercise, titled ‘Vostok-2022’, which began on Thursday (September 1) in the Sea of ​​Japan in eastern Russia. More than 140 aircraft, 60 warships, more than 5,000 military equipment and more than 50,000 troops participated in this week-long exercise.

Essentially, the military exercise reunited member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization of the former Soviet republics.

Meanwhile, the United States is urging India to become its defense partner and not to undermine international sanctions imposed on Russia for its war in Ukraine. In this situation, Delhi has participated in this exercise. However, the country’s government has sent a small army team for the exercise. These include Gurkha soldiers and representatives of the Navy and Air Force. However, India did not say how many naval personnel and equipment are participating in this team.

In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China said that the country’s army, air force and navy are participating in this exercise. The aim of this exercise is to strengthen military coordination between the two countries.

Meanwhile, China’s Communist Party-backed Global Times said this year’s drills are being conducted to counter potential threats. Especially from the US threat in the Pacific region.


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