50 countries to cut ties with Israel

50 countries to cut ties with Israel
50 countries to cut ties with Israel

Iran’s President Ibrahim Raisi has called on all countries in the world to sever commercial and political ties with Israel. In a letter sent yesterday to the governments and heads of state of 50 countries including Russia, China, Turkey, Kazakhstan, South Africa, Kenya and Jordan, he made this call.

In the letter, he said, there is no alternative to severing ties with Tel Aviv to force Israel to stop its brutality in the besieged Gaza Strip. If the independent countries of the world, especially the Muslim countries, break all ties with Israel, the Zionists can rein in the killing of innocent civilians including women and children in Gaza.

Iran’s president strongly condemned Israel for brutally killing thousands of people in Gaza over the past 45 days. And harshly criticizing the Western countries for giving public support to these, he said that the Gaza war is proof of the dual policy adopted by the Western governments regarding human rights and morality.

Israel continued its airstrikes on Gaza last night. Israeli warplanes hit al-Burij camp, Rafah and Gaza City and other areas.

More than 13,300 people have been killed in Gaza since the Israeli bombardment that began on October 7.

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