The message that Iran gave to Israel by opening the war front

The message that Iran gave to Israel by opening the war front
The message that Iran gave to Israel by opening the war front

Mohsin Rezai

Iran has announced the opening of a new war front against Israel operating in the Palestinian Gaza Strip. Mohsin Rezaei, one of the country’s top officials and the former head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the elite branch of the military, said this in an interview on Sunday. Rezaei said in an interview given to Al-Maydin television channel, a supporter of Lebanon-based Muslim armed group Hezbollah, “The issue of building a new anti-Zionist war front or party is in process.” That front will play the most important role in the war of the coming days, and it will be through that war that the Zionist power will depart from the world.’ Mohsin Rezaei said in the interview that he thinks the ongoing war between Hamas, the Palestinian group that controls the Gaza Strip, and Israel will last longer. He said, ‘This war will continue for some time. Israel is caught in the sand. The more they advance in Gaza – the more they sink. This war will end with the downfall of Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel).’ In the early morning of October 7, the fighters of Hamas, the group that controls the Gaza Strip, launched an ambush in Israel. They breached the Erez border fence in the northern part of the valley and entered Israel and killed military and civilians indiscriminately. Along with that, 242 Israelis and citizens of other countries were taken hostage in Gaza. In response to the attack, the Israeli Air Force began operations in Gaza from that day. From October 16, the ground forces also joined it. That campaign is still ongoing.


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