Conflict In Myanmar | Rebels of Myanmar battling military junta, close to control border with India dgtl

Conflict In Myanmar | Rebels of Myanmar battling military junta, close to control border with India dgtl
Conflict In Myanmar | Rebels of Myanmar battling military junta, close to control border with India dgtl

After the town of Halfazon, hundreds of villages and hundreds of police and army camps, this time the rebel forces took control of an arsenal of the Myanmar army. In addition to a large cache of weapons and explosives, the combined forces also seized at least six tanks and several armored vehicles from the arsenal in Shan Province.

Rebel forces captured the town of Hsenwi and an army base north of the Namtu River on Tuesday after fierce fighting in northern Myanmar. The Myanmar army has retreated to the south of the river, Reuters reported. In fact, except for Kunlong, Monikat, Nanbeng (on the Lashio-Tangyan road) and Moneco in northern Myanmar, no other border posts are now under the control of the military junta government. The rebel coalition said on Tuesday it would also oust the junta from the capital Yangon.

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Myanmar’s ‘China’ occupation of the rebels! 5,000 including 39 soldiers crossed the border to save lives in Mizoram

After success in Shan and Sagiang provinces, the insurgent group—the Brotherhood Alliance, a new coalition of the Tang National Liberation Army (TNLA), the Arakan Army (AA) and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA)—has launched an offensive in western China. ‘. Joining them are the two rebel forces active in western Myanmar, the China National Army (CNA) and the China Defense Force (CDF), the Kachin Liberation Defense Force (KLDF) and the People’s Defense Force (PDF). Myanmar’s pro-democracy forces self-proclaimed government ‘National Unity Government’, anti-junta political party ‘Shan State Progress Party’.

Insurgent forces captured two Myanmar army camps, Rikhawdar and Khawmawi, near the Lagoa border in Mizoram’s Champei district on Monday evening. Fearing for their lives, 42 Myanmar soldiers crossed the Jokaothan border check post and entered Indian territory and surrendered. Mizoram Police IG Lalbyakthanga Khiangte said on Tuesday, “The rebel forces have also taken over several border villages. So about 5,000 Myanmar villagers migrated to India in fear. Surrendered soldiers arrested.”

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According to Mizoram Police sources, several villagers injured in the firing have been admitted to the Champei District Hospital. One of them died. Even though the assembly polls ended on November 7, the counting of votes has not yet taken place. In this situation, the administration is worried about the law and order situation in Mizoram due to the arrival of a large number of refugees. Apart from Mizoram, Myanmar also shares land borders with northeastern Arunachal Pradesh and the violent state of Manipur.

In this situation, the BSF and the Assam Rifles have been alerted, according to sources in the Union Home Ministry. Large areas of northern and northwestern Myanmar’s Shan and Sagaing provinces have already been captured by the rebels. The main road connecting Myanmar and China has also been captured by the rebels. Millions of people in Myanmar have already been displaced by the civil war, according to the United Nations Human Rights Agency.

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