What message did the A.League delegation bring from China?

What message did the A.League delegation bring from China?
What message did the A.League delegation bring from China?

Awami League presidium member and chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs former minister Lieut. A 4-member delegation led by Colonel (Retd.) Farooq Khan MP met with CPC representatives led by Minister Liu Chien Chau.

In the meeting with the delegation of Awami League, China has given its opinion in favor of participatory elections of most of the parties keeping the country’s constitution intact. Liu Chien Chow, Minister of the International Department of the Chinese Communist Party (IDCPC/CPC) said this to the Awami League leaders who visited the country.

Chien Chau said, China also wants to see a fair and peaceful election in Bangladesh. Majority of the major political parties should have the opportunity to participate in fair elections which are held upholding the constitution.

In the meeting, the remaining 3 members of the Central Awami League’s International Affairs Sub-Committee and the former convener of China Awami League, Tarun Kanti Das Kanti, member of the International Affairs Sub-Committee Khaled Masud Ahmed and member Sumon Kundu were present in the meeting.

Member of the delegation and China Awami League leader Tarun Kanti Das told the media that a wide range of issues were discussed in the meeting held in a cordial atmosphere. The leader of the CPC delegation, Minister Liu Chien Chau spoke candidly about the controversial political situation, the Rohingya issue, and the Rohingya issue in the long-awaited twelfth election question of long-tested friend Bangladesh (‘Mangjala Koyo’ in Chinese). At one stage of the discussion, he said, China also hopes for a good election in Bangladesh for the greater interest of development and regional stability. So that most of the political parties will have the opportunity to participate. Apart from that, the election will be conducted in a fair and peaceful manner.

On the occasion of China’s Belt and Road Initiative-BRI conference, the Awami League delegation visited the country at the invitation of the Chinese Communist Party. Young Kanti Das Kanti also said that along with China’s Deputy Minister Chun Hai Yen and Yunnan Province Governor Wang Yu Po, party leader Farooq Khan MP and Bangladesh delegation also visited the country. A fruitful meeting was held.

Tarun Kanti Das Kanti said that during the visit, the delegation of Awami League participated in various meetings including panel discussions on BRI. Farooq Khan MP expressed his commitment to deepen the relationship between the two countries and work together on important regional issues.

It is to be noted that a 3-day ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ (BRI) ‘CPC in Dialogue with Political Parties of Southeast and South Asian Countries’ conference was held on the initiative of CPC in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, from November 9 to 11. Bangladesh was specially invited. A four-member delegation went to China on November 8 to attend the conference and returned to Dhaka on Tuesday.

18 Asian countries including Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Philippines and India participated in the conference. More than 200 delegates including leaders of 51 political parties, some internationally renowned journalists attended the seminar and meeting. In the panel discussion there, Farooq Khan MP mentioned the BRI project to facilitate connectivity between the capital city and rural Bangladesh through road and bridge network in Bangladesh.

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