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The message that Pope Francis gave to Israel

The message that Pope Francis gave to Israel
The message that Pope Francis gave to Israel

Israel has launched a ground operation in the besieged Gaza Strip. So there is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. In such a situation, Pope Francis has given a message to Israel. He called for prompt treatment of the wounded in the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip and for humanitarian aid to be allowed into the region. This information was reported in a report of Al Jazeera on Sunday (November 12).

At the weekly Angelus prayer in Vatican City, Pope Francis said the war between Israel and Hamas is increasing suffering and the situation in the region continues to deteriorate.

He said that the injured in the attack on Gaza should be helped quickly. Also, provide protection to civilians and provide more humanitarian aid to the suffering people there.

In the speech, he also called on Hamas to release Israeli hostages.

Earlier, the leaders of the Muslim world met in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to stop the Israeli aggression in the besieged Gaza Strip of Palestine. After attending the special meeting of the OIC, the President of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, issued a stern warning to America. He said that the US government is playing the most important role in sustaining the occupying Israel. The United States is the main country that provides arms to the occupying Israel.

He said these things while talking to reporters on Sunday. This special conference of OIC was held yesterday in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. In his speech at the conference, the Iranian president said that America is the main culprit behind Israel’s barbaric aggression and crimes in the Gaza Strip.

He noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran has a strong position on the Palestinian issue. “During my visit to Saudi Arabia, I tried to be the voice of the Iranian nation and those who are chanting for the rights of Palestinians in the streets,” President Raisi said.

President Raisi also said, ‘Iran has a clear vision of the rights of the Palestinian people since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, while at the same time Tehran considers the Israeli government to be fake and occupier.

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