The police want 430 crore rupees to provide security

The police want 430 crore rupees to provide security
The police want 430 crore rupees to provide security

The police has asked for 430 crore 25 lakh taka to maintain law and order in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. In the 11th National Assembly elections, the police was allotted 129 crore 57 lakh taka. This time Police, Ansar, RAB, BGB and Coast Guard have given a demand of 1 thousand 71 crore 56 lakh rupees to the Election Commission (EC). This amount of demand is more than double the total allocation given to the forces in the previous elections. This information is known from the source of the EC Secretariat.

According to sources, the police has asked for the highest amount of money among the forces. In addition, the Coast Guard has asked for three times the amount allocated in the last election. The army asked for 786.2 million; 25 crore was given last time. Ansar and VDP have asked for 366 million 12 million; In the last election, the allocation was 242 crores and 80 lakhs. BGB asked for 145 million 87 million; 78 crore 42 lakh was paid last time. RAB asked for 50 crore 63 lakh; 22 crore 12 lakh was given last time.

Several officials of the EC said that the EC will meet with the needs of these forces. The amount of allocation will be determined based on the number of days for which the force will be deployed.

It is known that 65 crore rupees were given to the armed forces in the 11th National Assembly elections. However, the Commission has not yet decided whether the army will be deployed or how it will be deployed. So this time the EC has not yet received the demand of the armed forces.

According to the EC sources, this time the expenditure on polling officers and the officials and employees associated with the election management will also increase in various sectors. Because, the EC has decided to give two days honorarium to more or less 9 lakh presiding, assistant presiding and polling officers. In the last election, the presiding officers got an allowance of Rs 4,000 for a day. This time a presiding officer will get 8000, assistant presiding officer 6000 and polling officers will get 4000 as an honorarium for two days. Apart from this, an expenditure of Tk 135 crore has been estimated in the electoral training sector.

It is known that 700 crore rupees were spent on law and order and election management in the 11th parliamentary elections. About 565 crore rupees were spent on maintaining law and order in the service. Violations of code of conduct on the app will be reduced Ahead of the 12th National Assembly elections, the EC has introduced the process of submitting nomination papers online. Nominees of registered political parties can file nomination papers online at home. However, after submitting the nomination form online, the independent candidate must submit the list with the consenting signatures of 1 percent of the voters to the Returning or Assistant Returning Officer. Such provision has been made in the election management rules. Accordingly, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal inaugurated the online nomination submission system and smart election management app at the election building in Agargaon on Sunday.

Regarding the app, CEC said, ‘This system will not only make our information delivery easier and faster, but it will also be very helpful in terms of transparency.’ He said, ‘Online submission is very important. The showdown that takes place while submitting nomination papers has become our culture. But in doing so, code of conduct may be violated, sometimes leading to conflict. So it has been simplified.’

A representative of a political party wants to know when online voting will be introduced to avoid conflict at polling stations. In response CEC said, ‘Online voting; Voting at home – it has not happened anywhere in the world yet. The Chief Election Commissioner of India told me during the meeting that they are trying. I believe it will be implemented.

Election Commissioner Brigadier General (Retd.) Md. Ahsan Habib Khan said, ‘It has been seen in the past that when it comes to submitting nominations on the first day, honorable candidates bring hundreds of motorcycles. It would show their strength. But they broke the election code of conduct on the first day. This app has two special methods, which will not allow them to break the code of conduct.’

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