Israel threatens to turn Lebanon into Gaza

Israel threatens to turn Lebanon into Gaza
Israel threatens to turn Lebanon into Gaza

Israel is conducting indiscriminate airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in response to the attack by the Palestinian independence group Hamas on October 7. Meanwhile, Lebanon’s Iran-backed powerful armed group Hezbollah has become a headache for the country. There are almost daily counter-attacks between Israel and Hezbollah in the border area.

Hezbollah also attacked three Israeli military posts on Saturday. Israeli forces also claimed to have destroyed several Hizbollah installations by carrying out counter-airstrikes.

Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Galant blamed Hezbollah for Lebanon moving towards war. On Saturday, he met the soldiers of the northern part of Israel and said, ‘Lebanon will have to pay the price for Hizbullah’s activities. Israel knows very well what to do in Lebanon like Gaza.’

He also said, ‘Hezbollah’s activities have entered a different phase; These are no longer mere provocations but are acts of outright aggression. The price will ultimately be paid by the people of Lebanon.’

He warned Hezbollah not to make the biggest mistake of its life by entering the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Israel’s Defense Minister warned, ‘The Israeli Air Force is using only 10 percent of its power in Gaza. The Air Force has sufficient capabilities to attack targets on the northern border and in Lebanon. It could turn Lebanon into Gaza.’

The head of the group, Hassan Nasrallah, said in a statement on Saturday that Hezbollah is using a new type of missile to attack Israel. He also confirmed that armed drones are being used for the first time. After that, the Israeli state minister gave this warning to Hezbollah.

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