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Israel Revises Down Death Toll To 1200 Amid Backlashes For Continuous Attacks On Gaza

Israel Revises Down Death Toll To 1200 Amid Backlashes For Continuous Attacks On Gaza
Israel Revises Down Death Toll To 1200 Amid Backlashes For Continuous Attacks On Gaza

New Delhi: At first 1600 in one month, then 1400, but Israel corrected the number of casualties in the war. In total, 1,200 Israeli citizens have died in the war against the Hamas organization in Palestine. They released these figures on Friday. (Israel Palestine War)

Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Leor Hayat highlighted these figures. He told the media, “In the genocide that has been going on since October 7, 1,200 people have been officially reported dead so far.” Lior said that this revised figure came out on Thursday. (Israel Revised Death Toll)

Leor said the figures previously released included many unidentified bodies that landed on the battlefield on behalf of the Palestinians. Bodies were piled up. So it was not possible to identify all of them. It is now understood that not all of the dead were Israeli citizens. That’s why the statistics have been corrected. However, 239 Israeli citizens are still being held hostage by Hamas.

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At the moment, statistics say that since October 7, 11,780 Palestinian citizens have died in Gaza. Among them there are 4 thousand 506 children. 1500 children are reported to be buried under the rubble. In this situation, many countries have played the role of Israel. The way they are carrying out aggression in Gaza, the way electricity and water supply to hospitals have been cut off, allegations of drone and sniper attacks have come to the fore, a resolution of condemnation against Israel has been raised in the United Nations, in which India has also supported. When asked about that, Leo reacted strongly. He claimed that a unilateral decision had been taken.

A resolution of censure against the United Nations also rose on Thursday, condemning Israel’s forced settlement of settlements in Palestine. The resolution came in condemnation of Israel’s actions in the Golan, which it seized from Syria in East Jerusalem. 145 countries supported the resolution, including Delhi. Eight countries, including the United States and Canada, voted against the proposal. 18 countries abstained from voting.

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