Myanmar warplane crashed in rebel attack

Myanmar warplane crashed in rebel attack
Myanmar warplane crashed in rebel attack

After a military coup in 2021, the army’s war with Myanmar’s insurgents has become complicated. This time, there were reports of a fighter plane crash with the rebels of Myanmar’s junta army.

A rebel group has claimed responsibility for the plane crash. The Karenni Nationalities Defense Force (KNDF), a separatist group in Kayah province, claimed responsibility.

It is known that the plane crashed in eastern Myanmar near the Thailand border. Junta government spokesman Zhao Min Tun told state-run MRTV that the fighter jet crashed due to a mechanical fault. He also claimed that the pilot managed to get out safely before it crashed.

News of the downing came as Myanmar’s military was battling ethnic minority separatist rebel groups on multiple fronts. Rebel forces have achieved unprecedented success against the Junta Bahini than at any other time. Analysts believe that this is possible due to the extraordinary coordination of the rebel groups.

Earlier, the president of the military government said that if the Myanmar army fails to suppress these rebellions, the risk of the country’s disintegration will increase.

The president of Myanmar’s military junta has warned that the country will collapse if the government fails to control the war in Shan State.

Former general Myint Soe, who was appointed after a military coup in 2021, revealed several coordinated attacks by the rebels at an emergency meeting of the ruling military council. He said that the military forces have suffered major losses in that attack.

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