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Israeli forces will run Gaza: Netanyahu

Israeli forces will run Gaza: Netanyahu
Israeli forces will run Gaza: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) will manage everything in Gaza after the war. Hamas — or even a Palestinian civilian government — will not be allowed to establish there, he said.

In addition, despite international pressure, Israel will not agree to a ceasefire in Gaza for the time being, the Prime Minister of Zionist Israel said. Instead, the military operation will continue with full force in Gaza.

He said, with all our troops, with all our might – the attack will continue until victory. News from Times of Israel.

Netanyahu also said Hamas had lost control of Gaza. There is no safe place to hide. All members of Hamas will be killed. Our troops are attacking them from the air; Attacking from the ground.

Netanyahu was asked on Saturday whether the Palestinian Authority would establish a government in Gaza after the war. In response to such questions, he said, there will be full security control in Gaza, the defense forces will enter Gaza when necessary to kill members of Hamas.

He also said, “I can tell you what will not be in Gaza after the war is – there will be no Hamas.” There would not even be a Palestinian civilian administration. Those who will teach Gazan children to hate Israel, kill Israelis and destroy Israel. There must be something different, but it must be within our control.

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