Emirates will not cut ties with Israel

Emirates will not cut ties with Israel
Emirates will not cut ties with Israel

Millions of people around the world are protesting every day against the Israeli attack on the besieged Gaza Strip, which has killed thousands of people. Arab and non-Arab countries are rethinking diplomatic relations with Israel after the attack on Gaza. However, despite all this, the United Arab Emirates plans to maintain diplomatic relations with Israel. The British news agency Reuters reported this information on four sources associated with the foreign policy of the Abu Dhabi government.

In 2020, the Emirates established diplomatic relations with Israel through the mediation of the United States. In the three years since the establishment of this relationship, Abu Dhabi has advanced trade and defense engagements with Tel Aviv in equal measure. This emirate also paves the way for the establishment of relations with Israel and other Arab countries, bypassing the demand for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. Following this, Saudi Arabia also went a long way towards establishing relations with Israel. However, after the start of the Gaza war, the Saudi government withdrew from this initiative.

In response to the attacks of Hamas, the Israeli army has been continuously bombarding Gaza since October 7. Recently, the country has started a ground operation there. More than 11,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza in more than a month of Israeli aggression. More than 4,500 children are among the victims. Just as the Emirates publicly condemned Israel for these incidents, it also condemned Hamas for the October 7 attack. At the same time called for an end to the Israeli aggression in Gaza. Emirates President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan also spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month.

When contacted for comment on this report, an Emirati official said that the Emirati’s priority at the moment is to ensure a ceasefire in Gaza and launch a humanitarian corridor.

After the start of the Gaza war, several Arab countries expelled the Israeli ambassador, but the Israeli ambassador is still staying in Abu Dhabi. In addition, the Emirates did not take any diplomatic measures against Israel due to the war. The move is part of the government’s long-term strategy, a source told Reuters. Another source said, the Emirates government does not want to lose what has been achieved in the relationship between the two countries.

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