Another 5 Israeli soldiers were killed in a tunnel trap in Gaza

Another 5 Israeli soldiers were killed in a tunnel trap in Gaza
Another 5 Israeli soldiers were killed in a tunnel trap in Gaza

Israeli forces are conducting a ground operation in the besieged Gaza. Attacks are also being carried out on various establishments and hospitals there. However, Israel has not made much progress in the ground campaign. Four Israeli soldiers lost their lives after stepping into a trap by Hamas in a tunnel. Apart from this, another Israeli soldier was killed in the shelling.

The Israeli army confirmed the death on Saturday. News from Anadolu Agency.

Five more soldiers were killed in clashes with Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip, according to reports.

Four soldiers were killed in a booby-trapped tunnel in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza, and another was killed in fighting in the north, the Israeli Inet news website said, citing a military statement.

A booby-trap is a device or setup used for the purpose of killing, harming or surprising humans or other animals. It is triggered by the presence or action of the prey and is sometimes used as some kind of bait to lure the prey towards it.

The Israeli army has said that 43 of its soldiers have died so far in the Israeli ground operation in Gaza. The army is facing heavy fighting from Palestinian resistance groups in various areas across Gaza.

Israel has attacked several hospitals in the besieged Gaza. Almost all hospitals in Gaza are closed due to lack of fuel. Israeli forces surround one of Gaza’s Al Shifa hospitals. Treatment cannot be given due to lack of fuel. As a result, two newborns in the hospital’s incubator died. Apart from this, four others died without receiving services. Another 37 children and many seriously injured patients are awaiting death.

Israel is attacking al-Shifa hospital. Apart from hundreds of patients, thousands of displaced people have taken shelter there. Doctors said the last generator there shut down when it ran out of fuel.

Mohammad Abu Selmiya of the hospital said that the facility lost electricity on Saturday. He said on the phone that all the medical equipment stopped. Patients, especially those in intensive care, died. Gunshots and explosions could still be heard as he spoke.

Israel is indiscriminately attacking the Palestinian blockaded Gaza. Occupier Israel has been relentlessly killing Palestinians for more than 35 days. In such a situation, the leaders of the Muslim and Arab world came together in Saudi Arabia. However, they could not decide to take any firm action on the Palestine issue at the conference.

Israel has killed more than 11,000 people in the last 35 days of terrible attacks on the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip. Among them more than 4500 children and more than 3000 women. Almost all of the dead were civilians and ordinary Palestinians. Israel is conducting this brutal operation to eliminate Hamas, they cannot even find the tickets of Hamas. As a result, ordinary people are being killed indiscriminately.

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