The sale of Palestinian ‘Keffiah’ handkerchiefs has suddenly increased in the country


The owner of Shahin Atar House of Baitul Mukarram Market in the capital. Shaheen Mia Prothom-aloKay said, ‘They were usually sold two to five times a month. Due to the sudden increase in demand, all fifty items in the store were sold out. At the moment we do not have imported kefiah. In addition to imports, they are now being produced in the country.’

The people concerned say that the sale of keffiyeh in the country has increased 10 times in the last month as a result of the Israel-Palestine war. Keffiyeh comes from countries like China, India, Pakistan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc. Kefiah also comes through the ‘luggage party’. Sales of domestically made kefiyas have increased due to scarcity of imported kefiyas as well as higher prices. The demand for kefiah made in the country is more outside Dhaka.

The founder and chief executive of the famous Islamic product company. Sohail Ahmed said, kefiah is not sold regularly. Demand is met accordingly. Now the demand has increased.

Some retailers in Dhaka said that before the war, they used to sell 15-20 keffiyehs a month. 200-300 sold per day in last one month. Wholesale traders said that they used to sell 200-400 keffiyas a month. About 1500 to 5000 have been sold in the last one month.

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