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US military drone MQ-9 downed

US military drone MQ-9 downed
US military drone MQ-9 downed

Yemen’s Houthi rebels downed a US military drone. A Houthi military spokesman confirmed the matter.

On the other hand, a US official said, Houthi forces shot down an MQ-9 drone off the coast of Yemen. The drone was operating in international airspace and over international waters when the MQ-9 Reaper went down. US Central Command is investigating the incident.

The incident comes at a time when Washington is wary of the activities of Iran-backed groups in the Middle East and its close ally Israel is fighting Hamas in the Gaza Strip. News BBC, CNN

In the wake of regional tensions surrounding the Israel-Gaza war, the United States has increased its military presence in the Middle East, including aircraft carriers, marines and support ships. This includes military ships and troops deployed in the Red Sea between Yemen and Israel.

The US Navy warship USS Kearney, which was deployed to the Red Sea last month, shot down multiple missiles and 15 drones fired by the Houthis as it sailed north toward Israel through the Red Sea.

Iran-backed armed groups have stepped up their attacks on US military installations in the Middle East in recent weeks following Hamas attacks on Israel. US bases in Iraq and Syria have already been attacked at least 40 times since October 17.

Bangladesh Time: 1346 hours, November 09, 2023


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