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Attack on Israeli tanks from Lebanon

Attack on Israeli tanks from Lebanon
Attack on Israeli tanks from Lebanon

This time the Israeli army was attacked. The attack was carried out on an army tank of the armed group from the border with Lebanon. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reported.

The IDF said armed groups attacked an army tank in the Satula area on the Lebanese border. At this time, they launched an anti-tank missile attack on army tanks.

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said on social media that the Israeli army launched an attack targeting Hezbollah this morning. This attack was carried out in response to the attack from Lebanon.

Earlier, the Yemeni rebel group Houthi attacked Israel’s airport and army base. The Houthis claimed that the operation of the Israeli army base and airport was temporarily suspended due to the attack. However, the rebels could not present any evidence of the attack.

Israel said no sirens or warnings were sounded in its skies during the attack. Apart from this, the airport and the army base are continuing their regular activities. However, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) declined to comment on Monday’s attack.

Houthi military spokesman Yahya Sari said on social media X that the Yemeni military has carried out several attacks on various sensitive Israeli installations in the past few hours. Israeli military bases and airports were closed for several hours due to the attack.

According to an anonymous source, Channel 12 TV said that Jordan shot down these drones aimed at Israel. In addition, the United States and Israel have stopped several Houthi attacks in the past week.

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