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Israel-bound ‘arms’ ship in Washington

Israel-bound ‘arms’ ship in Washington
Israel-bound ‘arms’ ship in Washington

Pro-Palestinian protesters rally at the Port of Tacoma, Washington. They believe weapons will go from the US to Israel on a military ship.

Their protest-meeting is to block this ship.

Protesters fear the weapons on board could be used against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. More than 10,000 Palestinians have already lost their lives in the besieged Valley.

The Tacoma protest was preceded by similar protests in California.

Wasim Hage, a protester who participated in the rally, said, “We want a ceasefire now.” So that people are no longer victims of murder. We demand real investigation and action on US foreign policy and US funding to Israel.

Protesters in raincoats and jackets and carrying umbrellas marched around the Cape Orlando ship waiting at the Port of Tacoma. At this time, they took a position outside the dock of the port.

Demonstrators carried Palestinian flags and chanted slogans such as ‘Save Gaza’, ‘Free Palestine’, ‘No support for Israel’s crimes’.

Protesters brought bicycles and cars to block the port road. Members of the Council of Water Warriors take a symbolic position around the ship with seven boats in the water.

Earlier on Friday the Cap Orlando was in Oakland, California, with three protesters blocking the ship’s stairs. This delayed the departure of the ship for several hours.

US President Joe Biden has called on Congress to provide $14 billion in aid to Israel. Of this, the United States will pay 3.8 billion dollars by 2023.

The United States has been the largest military donor to Israel since its founding in 1948. The country finances about 16 percent of Israel’s defense budget.

Last October 7, Israel launched an unprecedented attack on Hamas. Joe Biden then announced more military aid to Israel.

Bangladesh time: 2044 hours, November 7, 2023

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