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Zelensky’s reluctance to elect a president amid the war

Zelensky’s reluctance to elect a president amid the war
Zelensky’s reluctance to elect a president amid the war

President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed his reluctance to hold presidential elections in 2024 amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. According to him, now is not the right time for elections. The president of the country said these things in his regular speech. French news agency France Twenty Four reported this news on Tuesday.

Volodymyr said, at this time, the people of the country should work together without being divided. He added, “We must remain firm in our resolve that this is a time of defense, a time of war.” On which the fate of the state and the people depend. I firmly believe, now is not the right time for elections.

Regarding the upcoming elections, Ukraine’s foreign minister said last week that Zelensky is “assessing” whether it will be possible to hold elections next year in the ongoing war situation. He also warned that voting will be difficult due to the large number of Ukrainians staying outside the country and the army fighting on the front.

However, in September of this year, Zelensky said, “he is ready to hold elections if necessary.” At that time, he also said that international observers will be allowed to observe the vote. However, considering the situation, the president of Ukraine has changed his mind this time.

Meanwhile, AFP said in a report, Oleksiy Arestovich, a former aide of the President of Ukraine, has announced that he will contest the election against Zelensky. Oleksiy also criticized Zelensky for the slow pace of Ukraine’s counterattack against Russian forces.

All elections, including the upcoming presidential election, have been canceled in Ukraine under martial law. Ukraine has been under martial law since the outbreak of war in February last year.

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