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How much the world believes Israel’s ‘hasbara’


However, the Israeli war against Gaza has already changed much of this painful situation.

What Israel has consistently touted is its deadly war against Hamas, against ‘terror’, against Islamic fundamentalism. Those who are willing to see things through Israeli eyes may believe their words.

But the bodies of thousands of Palestinian civilians—including thousands of children—are piling up in Gaza hospital morgues and, even more tragically, littering the streets. Against this backdrop, Israel’s rhetoric began to change.

The bodies of Palestinian children killed with their entire families become a witness to Israel’s brutality, the immoral support of the country’s allies. These corpses also bear witness to international inhumane conditions—rewarding the killer and condemning the victim.

All statements of US President Joe Biden are biased. In one of them, he said the Palestinians were lying about the death toll. This is perhaps the most inhumane statement ever made by a US President.

Washington may not yet realize it, but the consequences of its unconditional support for Israel could prove disastrous in the future. This is especially true for a region plagued by wars, hegemony, ‘sell salt with one eye, sell oil with the other’ policy, communal divisions and constant conflict. This will have the greatest impact on Israel.

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