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Netanyahu will provide security in Gaza!

Netanyahu will provide security in Gaza!
Netanyahu will provide security in Gaza!

Israeli Prime Minister Ben Yameen Netanyahu spoke about security in Gaza. “Israel will be in charge of the security of Gaza indefinitely,” he said. It is not clear to the analysts what he actually meant by this word in the interview given to the American media ABC News. Presumably, through this, Netanyahu warned of Gaza ‘occupation’.

Earlier, Israel occupied the West Bank by choosing the term ‘security responsibility’. Is the fate of Gaza going to repeat history? The British media BBC raised such a question.

According to the Oslo Accords signed in 1990, the Palestinian Authority will be in charge of municipalities in certain areas of the West Bank. But Israel will be in charge of security.

In other words, the Israelis will be able to enter Gaza at will through the security mandate. Through this they will establish law and order there. On the other hand, the Palestinian Authority will run schools and clean up garbage – which are the responsibility of the municipality.

But in order to take responsibility for security in Gaza – a Palestinian government must be established there. That will work with Israel.

After what is happening in Gaza, if someone forms a government there and works with the Israelis, the people there will consider it as treason.

The BBC’s international affairs editor, Jamie Bown, said, “It is thought that Israel will establish an occupation in Gaza by being in charge of security.”

It should be noted that on October 7, the Palestinian independence organization Hamas attacked Israel. In retaliation, the Israeli Air Force launched an operation in Gaza from that day. The campaign is not over yet.

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