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After the deadly earthquake, another earthquake in Nepal, 3 injured

After the deadly earthquake, another earthquake in Nepal, 3 injured
After the deadly earthquake, another earthquake in Nepal, 3 injured


Nepal has been hit by another earthquake, days after a deadly earthquake killed 153 people, injuring three more.

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Center said another 5.2-magnitude earthquake struck the country on Monday, followed by another of slightly lower magnitude.

Jajarkot district police officer Satosh Raksha said that three people were slightly injured that day.

“A few roads have been closed due to some landslides, but no deaths have been reported so far,” he said.

Nepal’s National Earthquake Monitoring and Research Center said the larger of Monday’s two earthquakes had its epicenter in Jajarkot’s Ramidanda village, which was also the epicenter of Friday’s deadly earthquake.

Nine minutes later another earthquake of magnitude 4.5 occurred. The source of the second earthquake was in Pink village near Ramidanda.

Jajarkot District Officer EK Raj Upadhyay said the buildings damaged by Friday’s earthquake may have been further damaged by this earthquake, but details were not available.

At least 153 people were killed and 339 injured in a 6.4-magnitude earthquake in the Jajarkot region on Friday, Nepalese authorities said.

Houses have been destroyed by this terrible earthquake in the western part of the country. Thousands of people have become homeless. They spend the night outside in the cold. The bodies of the victims of the earthquake are being cremated. Plates, bowls and household items are being used to dig out people trapped in the rubble.

In 2015, another terrible earthquake in Nepal killed about 9 thousand people. The deadliest earthquake since then occurred on Friday.

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