Nobel laureate Nargis Mohammadi on hunger strike in prison

Nobel laureate Nargis Mohammadi on hunger strike in prison
Nobel laureate Nargis Mohammadi on hunger strike in prison

Iranian human rights activist Nargis Mohammadi won the Nobel Peace Prize this year for fighting for women’s rights and human rights. Now, 51-year-old Nargis is on hunger strike in jail for women’s rights. In a report on Monday (November 6), Al Jazeera, a Qatar-based media outlet, reported this information.

In a statement on Monday, the family of Noblejay Nargis said that Nargis is currently imprisoned in Evin Prison in Tehran, the capital of Iran. A hunger strike has started today to protest the neglect of treatment of sick women prisoners and the policy of compulsory hijab for women. The family has expressed concern about his physical condition and health.

In an interview, Nargis’s family also said that she has been eating only water, sugar and salt since the beginning of the fast. Stopped taking medicine.

Currently in Iran it is mandatory for women to wear hijab in public. However, Nargis is unwilling to accept this policy of Iran. Because of his position, the prison authorities are not allowing him to receive treatment outside the prison. Although he is suffering from heart and lung problems. Her family says Nargis needs urgent treatment outside the jail.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the name of human rights activist Nargis Mohammadi as the Nobel Peace Prize winner on October 6, 2023. This fighter for freedom of speech and human rights was awarded the Nobel Prize from prison.

According to the Nobel Committee website, Nargis Mohammadi is a woman, human rights activist and freedom fighter. His courageous fight for freedom of expression and rights has led to many personal sacrifices. Iranian rulers arrested him 13 times, convicted him five times, and sentenced him to a total of 31 years in prison and 154 lashes. He is still in prison.

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