The Croat minister apologized by kissing the German minister

The Croat minister apologized by kissing the German minister
The Croat minister apologized by kissing the German minister

Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grilic-Rodman (65) has fallen into extreme trouble after kissing too much. Now the tension with the value! In the end, the Croat minister also apologized. The penalty for this minor sin! One kiss has created a storm on the social media of both countries. Especially in Germany. The Germans cannot accept this unwanted kiss from the full Majlis. The Croat minister has finally apologized!

This incident happened at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union (EU) member and candidate countries last Thursday in Berlin. That day he tried to kiss German Foreign Minister Annalena Bierbock. BBC.

The ministers participating in the meeting were gathering at one place to take a group photo. Analena and Gordon stood there side by side. In a video circulating on social media, Gordon reached out for a handshake when he first saw Annalena. After that, he moved forward to kiss her. The German minister immediately turned away. As a result, Gordon kisses the cheek instead of the lips. Although somewhat embarrassed by this incident, Annalena handled the situation with a smile.

When the video of this incident spread, fierce criticism started in Germany and Croatia. German tabloid newspaper Bild referred to the incident as a ‘kiss-attack’. Many in Croatia condemned the foreign minister’s behavior. Croatian women’s rights activist and former lawmaker Rada Borich called it a ‘completely inappropriate gesture’. Said, ‘It seems that the minister does not know the protocol. Because ‘warm greetings’ should be with people with whom you have such a relationship. But there is no such relationship here. Former Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Koso said on social media X, ‘Forcing women to kiss is also called violence, isn’t it’?

Gordon apologized last Saturday for his actions in the face of criticism. He told local daily Vechernji List, ‘We ministers always greet each other warmly. But if anyone saw anything bad in this incident, then I apologize to them.’ However, Annalena refused to comment on this matter.

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