4 Scholarships in Australia, apply if you have academic record


The Australian government and universities in the country offer various scholarships to students based on their academic results and past record. Each scholarship has its own eligibility criteria. Evidence of academic success may be required to receive scholarships. The country offers four scholarships.

Australia Awards

The Australia Awards Scholarship (AAS) program is for students from developing countries. The government of the country provides grants for these scholarships. Students with leadership qualities and interest in change can apply for this scholarship. The program is designed for students who wish to return to their home country and use their skills and knowledge to contribute to the development of their nation after graduation.

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Destination Australia

The Destination Australia Program (DAP) is an Australian government program that provides scholarships to domestic and international students to study in Australia. The scholarships fund a four-year certificate of doctoral (eg PhD) course at regional campuses across Australia. This means that students will have the opportunity to be located in any city outside of Australia’s major cities.

Australian Government Research Training Program

The Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP) offers scholarships to domestic and international doctoral and research masters level students. Applications for these scholarships must be sent directly to participating universities. Universities conduct the RTP application, selection and offer process.

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