Bangladeshi set fire to his own building in America

Bangladeshi set fire to his own building in America
Bangladeshi set fire to his own building in America

Police have arrested a US citizen of Bangladeshi origin in New York on the charge of setting fire to his own building. A case of arson and attempted murder has been filed against the accused person, CBS News reported. He set fire to his building on September 26.

It is known that the accused person’s name is Rafiqul Islam. The tenant on the second floor of his Brooklyn building stopped paying rent and refused to leave the building. Enraged at such a situation, he set fire there. Accused Rafiqul Islam set fire to a staircase of the building around five o’clock in the morning that day.

Prior to this incident, the accused Rafiqul Islam also threatened to cut off the gas and electricity of his tenant. It was alleged that he threatened to set the house on fire if the rent was not paid.

Six children and their parents lived on the second floor of that building. They quickly took shelter on the roof of the building to save their lives during the fire. 60 fire service personnel brought the fire under control in an hour and rescued the residents. Seven people with minor injuries were later treated at Jamaica Hospital.

According to the fire service department, they analyzed the CCTV camera video of the building for the last four weeks. Then the owner of the building was identified in the incident of fire. There, a masked and hooded man entered the house and left the house before calling the emergency services number. After that, the investigating officers found in another video the masked man, the owner of the building, Rafiqul Islam. After that, the investigating team filed charges against him. He was arrested later.

This incident has created a sensation among expatriate Bangladeshis living in New York. Bangladeshi community leaders are shocked by this strange incident.

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