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Protesters walked out of the Australian parliament chanting ‘Free Palestine’

Protesters walked out of the Australian parliament chanting ‘Free Palestine’
Protesters walked out of the Australian parliament chanting ‘Free Palestine’

The war between Israel and Hamas in the besieged Palestinian Gaza Strip entered its 31st day. Thousands of Palestinians have been killed by indiscriminate Israeli attacks on Gaza. Since the start of the war, there have been protests around the world demanding a cease-fire in Gaza. Despite all this, the ruling Australian government has not yet condemned the Israeli attack or called for a ceasefire in Gaza. Members of the ruling Labor Party came under fire from the senators of the opposition Green Party during the question and answer session of the Parliament on Monday (November 6). Even at one stage of the session, the opposition left the parliament with the slogan ‘Free Palestine’.

Greens Party deputy leader Mehreen Faruqi led the walkout on Monday. When Mehreen Faruqi left the Parliament, 10 other members of the Greens Party also left.

Ahead of the walkout, Mehreen Faruqi asked the government’s trade minister, Don Farrell, why Australia abstained from voting on a UN General Assembly resolution on a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. In response to Mehreen Farooqui’s question, the Labor Party minister said that the proposal was incomplete. Because it did not mention the name of Hamas involved in the October 7 attack.

On October 27, when Jordan presented a resolution to the UN General Assembly on a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, it was passed by the votes of 120 countries. However, 45 countries, including Australia, abstained from voting on this proposal.

Standing in Parliament, Mehreen Faruqi said, Israel is killing thousands of Palestinians in Gaza. You are just seeing it. You are not condemning Israel. refusing to call for an immediate ceasefire there. We couldn’t sit here any longer.

He also said that war crimes will not stop if this is avoided. Today we have brought the protest of the people of the country to the Parliament. Free, Free Palestine.

Mehreen Farooqui shared another post on social media after leaving Parliament. He said, “Like millions of Australians, we are shocked, horrified and outraged by the Israeli massacre of nearly 10,000 people in Gaza.”

On October 7, the Palestinian independence organization Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel from Gaza. Israel continues to bomb Gaza in response to Hamas attacks. The Israeli army has started a large-scale ground operation there in the midst of continuous bombardment.

About 10,000 people have been killed in Gaza in just 30 days by the Israeli attack. About 4,000 children are among the dead. In addition, thousands of people were injured.

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