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Severe air pollution: All primary schools in Delhi remain closed – Education India

Severe air pollution: All primary schools in Delhi remain closed – Education India
Severe air pollution: All primary schools in Delhi remain closed – Education India

At the beginning of winter, the capital of India, New Delhi, has suffered from severe air pollution. Authorities were even forced to close all schools in New Delhi last week after air quality reached ‘very poor’ levels.

However, as the situation does not improve, all primary schools in the capital New Delhi remain closed due to high levels of air pollution. On the other hand, secondary and higher secondary level educational institutions have been told to take classes online.

Reuters reported this information in a report on Sunday (November 5).

According to the report, primary schools in India’s capital city will remain closed until November 10 due to high levels of pollution, a Delhi government minister said.

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On social media platform X, Delhi Education Minister Atishi Marlena said, ‘Primary schools in Delhi will remain closed till November 10 due to high pollution levels.’

He also said that schools are being given the opportunity to take classes online for students of grades six to twelve.

According to Reuters, according to the Air Quality Index (AQI), an indicator of air pollution, New Delhi is at the top of the list of the most polluted cities in the world. The air quality index (AQI) of the Indian capital was 471 on Sunday, putting Delhi in the ‘extremely hazardous’ category for the day.

According to the AQI index administered by the World Health Organization (WHO), a city’s air quality is ‘good’ if it scores between 0 and 50 points, ‘satisfactory’ between 51 and 100 points, ‘tolerable’ between 101 and 200 points, A score between 201 and 300 is ‘bad’, between 301 and 400 is ‘very bad’ and between 401 and 500 is ‘extremely dangerous’.inside-ad]

World Cup cricket is currently underway in India and Sri Lanka were forced to cancel their training session last Saturday due to toxic air. The team was supposed to practice for Monday’s World Cup match against Bangladesh in the heavily polluted Indian capital.

Note that air pollution starts in Delhi every year from the end of October. The main cause of this pollution is the burning of large amounts of straw in the villages of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, the two bordering states of Delhi.

The poor people of these villages burn stubble to escape the harsh winters, but the tiny particles created by that fire are blown into the air and mixed with the air of Delhi.
According to climatologists, if there were strong winds, these materials would not have floated like that. But since late October, the air in Delhi has become heavy and foggy. In that heavy foggy air, tiny particles mix and create a breathing situation.

Also, in various rural areas around Delhi, a large amount of straw is burnt in winter; From there also various microscopic particles float in the air of Delhi.

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