China calls on Myanmar to maintain peace on the border

China calls on Myanmar to maintain peace on the border
China calls on Myanmar to maintain peace on the border

China has called on the Myanmar government to maintain stability on the border. Beijing made the call after anti-junta fighters seized a strategic trading post between the two countries. This information is known in a report of Al Jazeera.

Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Nong Rong visited Myanmar last weekend. At this time, he met with the senior officials of the junta government. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that No. urged Myanmar to cooperate in maintaining stability on the China-Myanmar border.

During his visit to Myanmar, the Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister met with the country’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Than Shwe and Deputy Foreign Minister Luin Wu.

Beijing says fighting between Myanmar’s junta government and rebels has created an unstable environment in the Chinese border region. China has called on Myanmar to change this situation.

Last week, the junta government said it was working to restore order in the border area. However, Nay Pyi Taw did not immediately respond to China’s call.

In February 2021, Myanmar’s military overthrew the elected government in a coup. Anti-junta protests have been going on in the country since then. Fighting is often reported in the northern border areas.

China called for an immediate ceasefire in the region last week. There is a multibillion-dollar railway project under Beijing’s Road and Belt initiative.

China has been supporting Myanmar’s military government since the coup. Beijing has also called on Western countries to respect Naypyidaw’s sovereignty.

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