Happy with the work, the owner gave a new car to the workers

Happy with the work, the owner gave a new car to the workers
Happy with the work, the owner gave a new car to the workers

The owner of a pharmaceutical company gave a new car to the employees to be happy at work. That too not to one or two. New cars have been gifted to 12 employees.

There is even an office helper among the employees gifted with this new car. This sensational incident happened in Haryana state of India. The employees are also very happy with this gift before the upcoming Diwali.

Indian media NDTV reported this information in a report last Friday (November 3).

According to reports, the owner of a pharmaceutical company in Haryana gifted new cars to his employees as Diwali gifts. MK Bhatia, chairman of Mitskart, a Haryana company, handed over the keys of the brand new Tata Punch car to a total of 12 employees including his office helpers.

A video of employees gifting cars has garnered quite a response on social media. Speaking to reporters, Bhatia said he was impressed by the dedication and hard work of his employees and decided to give this special gift. Bhatia started the company a few years ago and these employees have been with him ever since.

Meanwhile MK Bhatia is his LinkedIn profile Published pictures of workers with cars. It is seen there, they go to the showroom and open the car cover. He founded the company a few years ago. Those who have been with him since the first day, the chairman has chosen from the point of view of credibility.

He said that the credibility of those employees towards the organization is very high, they have brought their organization to a high level by working hard. They did not give up even in bad times. In his words, he wanted to convey to the employees the feeling of how special they are.

In the video published on the social media platform, owner MK Bhatia is seen handing over the car keys to 12 employees of his company. He even gave a car to the office assistant. And the excited workers with the car keys in hand.

Incidentally, Bhatia gifted cars to the workers a month ago. But now it has spread on social media. Bhatia said that he did not give this gift keeping Diwali in mind. Bhatia also said that he wants to increase the number of workers gifting cars from 12 to 50 in the future.

NDTV says, meanwhile, the employees were happy and surprised to receive the car gift. Even some of those gifted cars don’t even know how to drive. Besides, the detailed features of the gifted car are not known.

But the price of that new car of Tata Punch starts from 6 lakh rupees in the market.


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