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Israel’s Iron Dome failed to stop Hezbollah’s missiles this time

Israel’s Iron Dome failed to stop Hezbollah’s missiles this time
Israel’s Iron Dome failed to stop Hezbollah’s missiles this time

An interceptor of Israel’s Iron Dome. file imageIsraelis have no end of pride in the Iron Dome. From drones to missile strikes, intercepting everything is trivial to it. Until now, the world knew that it was almost impossible to avoid the surveillance of Iron Dome. After Hamas, the Lebanon-based armed group Hezbollah has broken his faith.

According to Aljazeera news, a video of the Iron Dome has spread on social media today. In the video, the missile evaded an interceptor at Iron Dome and made a U-turn to land in the populated area of ​​Rishon Legion, south of Tel Aviv. Quds News Network shared the video on X. Al-Jazeera later verified its authenticity.

Israeli Channel 13 gave an explanation of this incident. In a report, the media said that Hezbollah fired these rockets from South Lebanon towards Kiryat Shmona area of ​​Israel. The distance from Lebanon to Kiryat Shamona area is very short. Iron Dome has got less time compared to the time required to resist these rockets. As a result it did not work properly.

Earlier, Hamas was able to confuse the Iron Dome in the October 7 attack. Hamas fighters fired 5,000 rockets from Gaza into Israel within 20 minutes. In such a short period of time, the Iron Dome used its full power to repel several thousand rocket attacks. But even that did not save the end. As a result, Israel was almost disoriented in the early rocket attack.

Israel’s Iron Dome is essentially a short-range ground-to-air defense system. Anti-missile or rocket, this iron dome mainly performs three functions. Identifying targets through radar, moving quickly to hit those targets and intercepting missile attacks.

It is one of the most important defense systems in Israel. Its name in Hebrew is Kipat Berelzel. It is important to Israel because of its effectiveness. Its success rate is more than 95 percent.

It has been one of Israel’s mainstays of defense since 2011. It has been updated many times. It is designed to intercept short-range missiles and rockets fired at Israel and save Israeli citizens.

Iron Dome has been developed under the Rafael Advanced Defense System in Israel. Washington helped in this. The Americans are still helping to bear the cost of running the Iron Dome.

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