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Angelina’s father is angry with his daughter for condemning Israel


The world is stunned by Hamas’ attack on Israel and its indiscriminate attack on the besieged Gaza in response. The entire world, including the Middle East, is in turmoil as thousands of innocent civilians have been killed in Israel’s brutal attacks. There is a storm of condemnation against Israel. But the country does not care about anything.

Like other sectors, the stars of the entertainment arena have also opened their mouths to protest the ongoing Israeli attacks. Hollywood star Angelina Jolie expressed her condolences to the innocent people in Gaza recently. However, Jolie’s father John Voight is very upset with such a statement. Voight expressed his support for Israel by expressing his anger towards the girl on social media.

Angelina Jolie posted a picture of Gaza on her Instagram last Thursday (November 2), NDTV reported. It shows that Gaza has been reduced to rubble. In the caption of this photo, Angelina Jolie writes, ‘Gaza has been an open prison for two decades. Very soon it will become a mass grave.’

Following Jolie’s comments, her father Voight posted a video on social media in which he addressed his daughter, saying, ‘I am so disappointed that my daughter, like so many others, is ignorant of God’s glory and God’s truth. The issue here is to destroy the history of God’s land, the holy land, the land of the Jews.’

Voight also said, ‘The Israeli army has to defend the land of Israel and its people, this is a war. As the left thinks, it won’t happen. Innocent children, mothers, fathers, grandparents of Israel have been affected by inhumane terror.’

And you idiots say that Israel’s problem? You have to look at yourselves and ask who am I? what am i Ask God, ‘Am I learning the truth? Or am I being lied to and treated like everyone else?’ Because friends, those who understand the truth also see the lie. They see that Israel is under attack and these creatures want to wipe out Judaism, Christianity.’

In his lengthy video message, Voight referred to the war as a plan by Hamas. According to him, ‘This is a plot by Hamas. Innocent Palestinians have fallen into their trap. It is a lie that Israel kills innocent people, rather they (Palestinians living in Gaza) all have the freedom to leave. They are held captive by a barbaric group (Hamas) who use them as human guards. Children on Palestinian soil are being exploited by them (Hamas), but everyone thinks that Israel is taking these lives. This was Hamas’s plan.’

Jolie’s father, Voight, supports the State of Israel and is a well-known supporter of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In the United States, he was a member of the Republican Party and a prominent advocate during the term of President Donald Trump.

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