What are the five rules by which the people of Ogimi are centenarians?


Constantly developing beautiful habits

According to a man who lived to be 100 years old, he lived so long only because of his ‘fingers’.

He said, ‘Keep your fingers busy, this busyness will keep you alive for a long time. You need to develop good habits to stay busy. Small habits like waking up in the morning, gardening, taking a short walk, exercising or helping someone can keep you alive for 100 years.’

Strengthen friendships and social bonds

In this age of virtual reality, social media and AI, people can do everything alone, pass the hours on YouTube or Facebook.

But the people of Ogimi don’t value this virtual friendship, rather they give importance to everyday friendship and sociability. They believe that drinking a cup of tea with a friend can make your day better as well as prolong your life rather than having a cup of tea alone.

Don’t rush, stay calm

The age is actually the age of speed, the age of running. Even in this age of race, the people of Ogimi will tell you, ‘Weary traveler, sit down under a tree in the afternoon sun and take a nap. We will be busy, but not in a hurry. I will not take pressure. Do you need to put yourself in a pressure cooker by running ahead of time? Rather be calm, let everything flow slowly. You will see, your life has become much easier.’

Stay optimistic and positive

One more thing to know. But where is Mana? Depression is a bigger epidemic than Corona in the modern era. Depression doesn’t just kill us mentally; Rather, this depression makes us physically sick. According to the centenarians of Ogimi, if you want to live longer you should not despair, rather like Rabindranath at any stage of life-

Oh my dear, oh my dear,
Don’t turn off the blind fan now..!

Roughly these five rules are the principles of life of the people of Ogimir village. These people have been following this rule for years and have found a long life.
If you follow these rules, can I live for 100 years?

No, that is not the case at all. Because, according to experts, lifestyle and diet can control two-thirds of your lifespan, while the remaining one-third is controlled by your genetics and environment.

If not 100, if we can improve our quality of life a little more, live a few more years by following some simple rules of Ogimi, then what is the harm?

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