One and a half million Afghans have left Pakistan and returned home

One and a half million Afghans have left Pakistan and returned home
One and a half million Afghans have left Pakistan and returned home

More than 150,000 Afghan refugees have left Pakistan and returned to their country. Last month, Pakistan set a deadline for Afghan refugees to leave the country. After that many of them had to leave Pakistan amid unimaginable suffering at the border. News from Jio News.

Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have been strained recently. Because of this illegal Afghan refugees were ordered to leave Pakistan. Otherwise they are warned to face arrest. After that, Afghan refugees started leaving Pakistan. More than 150,000 Afghans are reported to have left the country so far. A few days before the deadline, these refugees started running towards the border. The aim was to cross the border and enter the country.

In this regard, Khalil Haqqani, Minister of Refugee Affairs of the Taliban government, said, “We are in constant communication with the government of Pakistan and we are asking for more time.” An official said the center has been set up a few kilometers from the border. Besides, camps are being set up for families who have nowhere to go.

Afghan citizens living in Pakistan should return to their country before the beginning of November. This was announced by Islamabad at the beginning of October. As soon as the end of that ‘time limit’ approached, administrative activities began on the Pak-Afghan border. Fearful of Pakistan’s activities, many Afghan refugees also started returning home across the border.

Long queues of Afghan people and vehicles can be seen at various check posts in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces on the Pak-Afghan border. Since the entry of Soviet troops into Afghanistan in the 1980s and their fighting with the Mujahideen, Pakistan has seen an influx of mainly Pashtun refugees. After the start of the US military operation in Afghanistan two decades ago, hundreds of thousands of Afghan citizens fled to Pakistan in fear of their lives.

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