$14.5 billion in military aid to Israel

$14.5 billion in military aid to Israel
$14.5 billion in military aid to Israel

Republicans’ $14.5 billion military aid package for Israel has passed the US House of Representatives. The package passed Thursday by a vote of 226-196.

The bill is the first major legislative action under new Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson. Mike took over the post last week after Kevin McCarthy was ousted.

The package earmarks $4 billion for Israel’s Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems and the transfer of military equipment from US stockpiles.

Johnson urged the Senate and the White House on Thursday to quickly approve the bill.

In a post on X, Johnson said, “I urge the Senate and the White House to pass the bill quickly.”

For the bill to become law, it must pass the Senate, where Democrats hold a majority. The bill will also require the President’s signature.

Ahead of the vote, the White House said the bill would have devastating effects on our security and alliances for years to come.

Biden asked Congress to pass a $106 billion emergency spending package, which includes funds for Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine.

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