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US drones fly over Gaza

US drones fly over Gaza
US drones fly over Gaza

US surveillance drones have been flying over Gaza to search for prisoners held by Hamas after the October 7 attack on Israel. Two US officials told the news agency Reuters.

One of their officials said they have been conducting drone flights for more than a week.

Of the more than 200 people held in Gaza, 10 US citizens remain unaccounted for, US officials said. They are believed to be held in Hamas’s extensive network of tunnels.

Meanwhile, a Thai government delegation met directly with the organization’s leaders to free citizens held captive by Hamas. The group was led by the Speaker of the Thai Parliament, Aripen Utharasin.

During the meeting, Hamas leaders also promised to release the Thai prisoners at the right time. But they gave no indication as to when that ‘right time’ would come.

Referring to the two-hour meeting held in the Iranian capital Tehran on October 26, Aripen told The Times of Israel, “We requested the leaders of Hamas that these Thai citizens are innocent and when will Hamas release them.”

In response, Hamas representatives said that they will be released when the time is right. But they did not mention any specific date. However, they have taken care of our citizens like other hostages.’

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that 138 of those captured by Hamas are citizens of various countries, including Thailand.

Aripen told The Times of Israel that at least 22 Thai citizens are being held captive by Hamas. Sources: Al-Jazeera and The Times of Israel

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