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What to do to cure a sore throat and happy feeling at this time?

What to do to cure a sore throat and happy feeling at this time?
What to do to cure a sore throat and happy feeling at this time?

As soon as the mercury in the weather goes down a little, many people start suffering from the problem of sore throat along with cold.

At this time, due to the increase in dust in the air, any allergen can cause disease. So there is no choice but to be careful.

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Many people take antibiotics or anti-allergic medicines to get relief from a sore throat. But you can try home remedies before taking medicine. Know what to do in this case-

Yellow milk

The health benefits of turmeric milk are many. Turmeric has a special place in Ayurveda. Turmeric has many beneficial properties. The various antioxidants present in turmeric help reduce any kind of inflammation.

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So turmeric removes sore throat and sore throat. Experts say, in this case, eat a little raw turmeric with hot milk.

ginger tea

Ginger tea is very beneficial for sore throat. The anti-oxidants present in the extract quickly cure any throat problem. Apart from this, there are many beneficial ingredients in tea. Which can solve many problems.

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Ginger, jaggery and jaggery

Ginger, molasses and jaggery can be very useful in relieving cold, cough, sore throat and sore throat. For this, mix a little jaggery with ginger and jaggery. You will see that all throat problems will be cured.

salt water

Salt water is also very effective in solving the problem of sore throat or sore throat. If you gargle with salt water for two or three times a day, the sore throat will heal very quickly.

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