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Netanyahu’s ‘time’ is running out, says US


Netanyahu’s ‘time’ is running out, says US

Ridmik News

Ridmik News

3/11/2023 10:23:32 AM

Talks have begun between US President Joe Biden and his top aides that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political life is coming to an end. In a recent discussion, US President Biden has also expressed this feeling to Netanyahu.


Two senior officials of the US administration said that the future of the Israeli Prime Minister was discussed in the White House meeting in the presence of the US President. This included discussion of his visit to Israel, where Biden and Netanyahu met. News from American media Politico. Two U.S. officials said the apprehension is so far-reaching that Biden has advised Netanyahu to share his experiences with a potential successor. A former and a current US administration official have confirmed that Netanyahu’s days as Israel’s prime minister are coming to an end.

The current official believes that the fear is that Netanyahu may only be in power for a few more months, or at least as long as the Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip continues. But all four officials reminded of the uncertainty of Israeli politics. An official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said what happened would have a major impact on Israeli society. Ultimately the responsibility will reach the Prime Minister’s office. The US administration is worried about Netanyahu’s political future at a time when the president and his State Department are trying to work with Israel. While Netanyahu is leading a bloody and complicated fight against Hamas.

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