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Israel rejected the US offer of a ‘temporary ceasefire’

Israel rejected the US offer of a ‘temporary ceasefire’
Israel rejected the US offer of a ‘temporary ceasefire’

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken went to Israel on Friday to “call for a temporary ceasefire” to allow humanitarian aid to reach the besieged Gaza Strip.

But Blinken came for the purpose of stopping the attack on Gaza; It failed. Because Israel has stated that they will not agree to any temporary ceasefire in Gaza now.

Blinken arrived in Tel Aviv on Friday and held a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu released a statement after the meeting. In this, he said, Israel will not make a ceasefire with Hamas until they release all the hostages. Netanyahu also said that they will not allow any fuel to enter Gaza.

Israel opposes the ceasefire, which does not include the release of all our hostages, he said. Israel does not allow any fuel into Gaza and we oppose any funding there.

On October 7, Hamas captured about 250 Israelis by attacking illegal settlements.

Israel threatened to completely wipe out Hamas in retaliation for the October 7 attack. As part of this, they continue to indiscriminately bombard Gaza. Apart from this, the occupying Israeli forces also started ground attacks from October 28.

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