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The US is upset with Israel over the war

The US is upset with Israel over the war
The US is upset with Israel over the war

The number of civilian casualties in the Gaza war continues to rise. Israel has come under fire from the world over this. In the meantime, various countries are severing diplomatic relations with the country. US President Joe Biden and his advisors have warned the country that it will be difficult for Israel to achieve its military goals in Gaza under such circumstances.

According to CNN, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken left the US for Israel on Thursday with a message of security for the civilian population of Gaza. Recent secret talks between US officials and the Israeli government have highlighted the decline in support for Israel around the world. U.S. officials, meanwhile, also believe that humanitarian suffering and civilian casualties will give Israel less time to achieve its goals against Hamas amid simultaneous calls for a cease-fire.

Some of the president’s closest advisers believe the pressure of a cease-fire could not be sustained within weeks, several US government sources told CNN. Israel is still raging in the Gaza war. The Israeli army said on Thursday that it had encircled Gaza. And there the operation will be strengthened.

Citing two sources, CNN says that Biden and members of the national security team are upset with Israel over the attack on the northern Gaza refugee camp.

A source said President Biden did not like them. A senior US government official said the problem for Israel is that criticism against it is intensifying not only from its enemies but also from its friends.

Israeli army spokesman Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus said the attack on the tunnel targeting the Hamas leader also collapsed several nearby buildings. A woman called for a cease-fire in Gaza during a campaign rally in Minnesota last Wednesday. Later, Biden said, the Hamas-Israel war needs a break.

US officials say President Biden has not set an end for Israel on the Gaza war. Because of this, the White House is also constantly fighting to avoid calling for a ceasefire. The US president’s office says the cease-fire will allow Hamas to reorganize.

U.S. officials said Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the image of Palestinian women and children being pulled from the rubble would undermine Israel’s ability to move forward with its current operation. If Israel does not take action in this regard, it will face a tough situation internationally.

A source told CNN that in a phone conversation with Netanyahu last Sunday, Biden also expressed concern about violence against Palestinians in the West Bank and asked Israeli forces to stop attacks there.

Before leaving the country for Israel on Thursday, Blinken told reporters he would discuss concrete steps to reduce the loss of men, women and children in Gaza. He said, I will not tell the details. But it is on the agenda.

Other Democrats close to the White House are also speaking out strongly against Israel. Senator Chris Murphy said in a statement yesterday, “I urge Israel to immediately reconsider its approach.”

9 thousand 61 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks since the start of the war on October 7. In addition, 1,400 Israelis were killed.

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