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The second person who had a pig’s heart implanted did not survive either


A genetically modified pig’s heart was transplanted into another person’s body. But he is about a month and a half after the heart transplant died. He is the second person to transplant a pig heart into a human body. The University of Maryland confirmed his death on Tuesday (October 31).

The man’s name is Lawrence Fauchet. He is 58 years old. He is a resident of Frederick, Maryland, USA. The man died of heart attack last Monday. A pig heart was transplanted into his body after an 8-hour operation at the University of Maryland Medical Center on September 20.

Hospital officials said he had made ‘significant improvement’ after the surgery. This former Navy officer was also a former vaccine researcher at the Fochet National Institute of Health. After surgery, he was able to undergo physical therapy. Fochette also played cards with family members and his wife.

But within a few days Fochette’s heart showed early signs of organ rejection. Some genetic changes were made to the heart to reduce the risk of Fochet’s immune system attacking the pig’s heart. But it didn’t work much.

Bartley Griffiths, director of the heart transplant program at the University of Maryland Medical Center, said, “We are saddened by Fochette’s death. He was an extraordinary patient, scientist and Navy veteran. Fauchet wanted to spend some more time with his loving wife, children and family.

Incidentally, last year, the same medical team transplanted a pig’s heart into the body of a 57-year-old man named David Bennett for the first time. He died two months after the heart transplant. Bennett is believed to have died after contracting a virus from the pig.


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