Iran released 5 Americans with 6 billion dollars

Iran released 5 Americans with 6 billion dollars
Iran released 5 Americans with 6 billion dollars

The process of a negotiated prisoner exchange between the United States and Iran has begun. As part of the terms of this process, 6 billion dollars of Iran’s already seized funds have been transferred to Qatari banks. The money seized in South Korea was first transferred to a bank in Switzerland. Aljazeera news.

According to the agreement, the United States and Iran will release 10 prisoners of five countries each. This prisoner exchange will be held in Doha, the capital of Qatar. Qatar is mediating this prisoner exchange agreement. Iran has already released five US citizens. They arrived in Doha on Monday.

After the money transfer was confirmed, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani told reporters that the prisoner exchange process would be completed before the end of the day on Monday. Five imprisoned Iranian nationals will be released from US prisons.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported, as part of the release of five US citizens imprisoned in Iran, they were first taken to Tehran airport. After that, they were brought to Doha, Qatar. An Iranian official said that the prisoners are healthy. A Qatari plane arrives in Tehran to bring in US prisoners. Republicans have criticized the captive insurance deal.

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