Kremlin opened up about Ramzan Kadyrov’s illness

Kremlin opened up about Ramzan Kadyrov’s illness
Kremlin opened up about Ramzan Kadyrov’s illness

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s close ally and Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov is seriously ill, various international media reported earlier. This time, the Kremlin of the Russian President’s office has opened up about Ramzan Kadyrov’s health.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Monday, ‘We have no information on this. In any case, the Presidential Administration can rarely issue a health certificate. So there is nothing to tell you here.

Earlier, Ukrainian intelligence officer Andriy Yosov told the country’s media outlet Obzrivatell that the hospital and several political sources said Ramzan Kadyrov’s condition is serious. He was already suffering from various physical complications. Currently, those conditions have deteriorated and have become critical. However, he was not injured.

After such words of the intelligence officer of Ukraine, many speculations spread about the health condition of Ramzan Kadyrov. News that he has gone into a coma also floated on social media.

In the midst of such speculations, Ramzan Kadyrov’s vacation video recorded at an unknown location on Sunday came to the fore. In the first video, he is seen walking with a smile. In the second video, he is seen advising people on sports. However, Aljazeera could not tell when exactly these videos were recorded.

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