Know your horoscope today

Know your horoscope today
Know your horoscope today

Today is 12 Jaishtha 1430, 26 May 2023, 06 Zilkad 1444, every Friday. According to Western Astrology, fate returns people’s ‘luck’, fate plays tricks on people.

Both are true, if you believe, know. Know your horoscope today.

Aries: Teachers and professors will improve financially. You may be upset by any news. Do not be curious about anyone. Take care of your health.

Taurus: Someone jealous of your political influence will try to harm you. There will be partial profit in hotel or foodstuff business. Health will not be very good.

Gemini: Dissatisfaction may arise due to any reason at work. Disagreement with a friend may occur. Enthusiasm will bring success in work. You will get some good results in daily activities.

cancer: There may be new business contact through a friend. May gain in publishing and paper business. It is better not to go even if there is travel.

Lion: Effort in daily activities and business will increase. You may be upset by any news. Someone can break your trust. You can get money suddenly.

Daughter: Too much generosity is bad for you. Mental worries will increase to increase family expenses. Be careful while walking. Get help from a leader.

Cotton: Enthusiasm in work will increase. You will find peace if you finish the unfinished work. You will get the support of colleagues at work.

Scorpio: There will be some confusion in government jobs. Mental anxiety may arise. You can be busy in any social work. A task may remain unfinished due to one’s own mistake.

Sagittarius: Tempers can become violent. Move carefully. A family incident can cause depression. Even if the work goes well, the necessary money will not come.

Capricorn: Be worried. Even if the family sector is good, worry and money for father’s health. Harm yourself by resorting to dishonesty to make more money. Try to follow the right path.

Aquarius: You will definitely get success. There can be great opportunities in the contracting business. If necessary, there can be a loan. You will get the support of eminent persons.

Pisces: Political leaders may face a difficult situation. Students will get success in the exam. Will benefit from a special communication.

Bangladesh Time: 0709 hours, May 26, 2023

The article is in Bengali

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