Honey Trap! BJP leader’s daughter arrested for defrauding political leaders of lakhs of rupees

Honey Trap! BJP leader’s daughter arrested for defrauding political leaders of lakhs of rupees
Honey Trap! BJP leader’s daughter arrested for defrauding political leaders of lakhs of rupees

Govind Roy, Basirhat: Fraud of millions of rupees. Even political leaders, the police! North 24 Parganas BJP (BJP) leader’s daughter arrested for long-time cheating in ‘honey trap’ The incident happened in Rakhalpalli village of Haroya village panchayat of Haroya police station of Basirhat subdivision. It is known that Haroa is the original panda of Priyanka, daughter of Namita Roy, general secretary of BJP Mahila Morcha Mandal. He was arrested by the police on Thursday. Police of Swarupnagar police station requested to produce him in the Basirhat sub-divisional court today and take him into custody.

It is known that twenty-six-year-old Priyanka Roy has been keeping political party leaders in a ‘honey trap’ for several years in different police station areas of different blocks of North 24 Parganas. First they used to talk on mobile phones, then they used to meet and meet by exchanging pictures on WhatsApp (Facebook). Then Priyanka used to approach the police with allegations of rape and attempted rape against them. Actually all these were in his plan. Basirhat himself had accused Rajendra Saha of rape in 2019 against the BJP leader of the Harwar Assembly constituency in Harwar, the BJP’s organizing district. And he was arrested.

[আরও পড়ুন: কাশ্মীরের উন্নত রাস্তা দেখাতে বাংলাদেশের ছবি শেয়ার! জি-২০’র পরও অব্যাহত বিতর্ক]

Besides, Priyanka had several relations with all political parties against the ruling party. In that opportunity he was defrauding millions of rupees. Due to which various political leaders were also arrested. In fact, there was a secret plot behind it. A trick to grab millions of rupees. There were complaints against Priyanka at various times. After investigation, a complaint was lodged at Swarupnagar police station and on the basis of that complaint, police of Swarupnagar police station arrested Priyanka Roy and sent her to Basirhat sub divisional court. He was requested to be taken into police custody. According to the police, Priyanka has already been victimized by the interrogation, thus collecting millions of rupees in several years by blackmailing her.

[আরও পড়ুন: ফের একমঞ্চে মমতা-অভিষেক, শালবনিতে ‘নবজোয়ার’ কর্মসূচিতে থাকবেন নেত্রী]

However, the investigators are also looking at whether there is any other big fraud scheme behind it. A case of cyber crime has already been registered in Basirhat Sub-Divisional Cyber ​​Crime Office. Namita Roy, general secretary of BJP Mahila Morcha of Haroa mandal, says about her daughter, “My daughter has been framed and framed. He did not take any money. Totally false.”
In the words of BJP leader Rajendra Saha, “How is the leader of the party tarnishing the party by being a girl? Playing with the self esteem of the opponents. Give exemplary punishment to the team.” Basirhat Mahakumar Trinamool INT president Kaushik Dutta said, “BJP does not even make people with good sense, the bad people who have not been given space by Trinamool, they make BJP party.” The leaders of their party are associated with the administration.”

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