Who was slapped by Nora Fatehi when she came to Bangladesh?

Model-actress-dancer Nora Fatehi. Photo: From Instagram


Model-actress-dancer Nora Fatehi. Photo: From Instagram

Bollywood item girl Nora Fatehi slapped a co-star while shooting in Bangladesh. Not only that, he himself slapped the actor.

Such incident Nora Fatehi said in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ while promoting the movie ‘An Action Hero’.

The Times of India reports, Nora said on the show, ‘An actor misbehaved with me once while shooting in Bangladesh. I slapped him and he slapped me back. ‘

The Dilbar fame actress elaborated on the incident, ‘When I slapped her again, she pulled my hair. Then we had a great battle. The director comes and stops it. ‘

However, Nora did not reveal when this incident took place or who the person was fighting with.

Recently Nora Fatehi visited Bangladesh. The organizer of the event said that Nora Fatehi has come to Bangladesh for the first time. But Nora Fatehi herself said with the microphone that this is her second visit to Dhaka.

Nora Fatehi is one of the best female dancers in Bollywood right now. As an item song artist, Nora has grabbed attention in several Bollywood movies.

Not only on the big screen, Nora is equally popular on the small screen and in music videos. His performance in various reality shows is also eye-catching. Nora performed at the opening ceremony of this year’s Qatar Football World Cup.

Nora, of Moroccan descent, was born and raised in Canada. Nora set foot in India with the dream of a career in Bollywood. Has hit the shelves in a short time.

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