Anger can not touch him! How is that possible? Dhoni himself taught the mantra

G 24 Hours Digital Bureau: MS Dhoni, as soon as the name is uttered, a man comes before the eyes, who with a cool brain kills the enemy by twenty-two yards without fail. A terrible emotion like anger can not touch him in the field! How did the double World Cup winning legendary captain make this impossible possible? Recently, at a battery manufacturing company’s event, ‘Captain Cool’ revealed the secret. One of the greatest wicketkeeper-batsmen of all time talks candidly about anger management.

Dhoni’s question to the audience of the program was, ‘How many of you think that your boss is cold-headed? A few hands went up. To those who raised their hands, Dhoni said, ‘You may be the boss! Look, honestly when we’re on the field, we don’t want to make any mistakes. Be it misfielding or dropped catches, don’t want to make any mistakes. A player who misses a catch, or makes a fielding mistake, I always put myself in their place and think that getting angry won’t solve anything. Already 40 thousand people have seen them in the field. Billions more are watching on TV and mobile. I look for the reason. If a player is 100 percent focused on the field and he drops the catch, I have no problem. I also see how many catches he takes in practice. If there is a problem, focus on it. No point in focusing on missing the catch. Maybe we lost the match because of his mistake. Yet I imagine myself in their place. ‘

Talking about controlling his anger, Dhoni said, ‘Look, I am human too. What you feel inside, I feel the same. If you went to play you would feel bad too. We represent the country. Feels worse. But we always try to control emotions. It’s easy to sit back and say how we could have played better! As we are representing our country, the opponent is also doing the same. They also came to play. There will be fluctuations.’ Dhoni said at the end of the event, Indian athletes should always be supported. Because they have been working hard for many years. Preparing to be an elite athlete.

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