‘Gantchara’ lost the crown of the best, the shameful situation of ‘Mithai’ too! Who is the best Bengali?

Banglahunt the desk: Every week before Puja, there are surprises after surprises in the TRP list. He says look at me, he says look at me. Bengali who is the best one week may not be in the top five the next week. The same situation happened this week. Especially the condition of the two best serials of two rival channels is quite deplorable.

For the past two weeks, Star Jalsa has been holding the title of Bengal Sera. But this week, the serial has come down to number three. Scored 7.9. Khadi Riddhi’s detective story failed to retain the audience. Gaantchara shared the third place with Gauri Elo of Zee Bengal.

This week, dust particles came first. Spectators are excited when the sparrow’s mother’s mask is unmasked. TRP increased to 8.2. Now the news of Lalon’s survival is golden if you get Phuljhuri. At number two is ‘Alta Faring’ of that channel. Scored 8.0.

Zee Bangla’s ‘Lakshmi Kakima Superstar’ also regained TRP by exposing Hansini’s father’s conspiracy and marrying his son. Serial number obtained is 7.3. The newly started serial ‘Jagaddhatri’ is getting good results. The serial has reached number five by getting 7.1. On the other hand, ‘Mithai’ has dropped out of the top five. Modak family survived at number six by getting only 7.0 marks.

After a long time in the top 10, this path did not end. Saheb’s letter, Madhveelata both serials have good TRP. But the TRP of these two serials Lalkuthi and Pilu is gradually falling. Two serials got 5.0 or less marks.

Here is the top ten TRP list-
Dust – 8.2 (First)
Alta Faring – 8.0 (Second)
Gantchara, Gauri Elo- 7.9 (3rd)
Lakshmi Kakima Superstar – 7.3 (4th)
Jagaddhatri – 7.1 (V)
Sweets- 7.0 (Sixth)
Sir’s Letter, Toy House – 6.1 (VII)
Touch of Affection – 6.0 (8th)
Mental retardation- 5.8 (ninth)
If this path does not end – 5.5 (tenth)

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