Big B turned down Satyajit’s proposal for one reason only

Big B turned down Satyajit’s proposal for one reason only
Big B turned down Satyajit’s proposal for one reason only

Entertainment Desk: ‘Feluda’ is unique among the detective characters in Bengali literature. This iconic character written by Satyajit Roy has not only been confined to the pages of books but has also found its place on the cinema screen. Many actors have played the role of Feluda but still for many fans Feluda means Soumitra Chattopadhyay.

From the height to the facial features, it is as if Satyajit created the character of Feluda keeping Soumitra in mind. But did you know, legendary director Pradoshchandra first thought of Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan as Mitra. But Big B did not agree to his proposal.

But let me tell you, Satyajit wanted to see Amitabh as Feluda in Hindi and not in Bengali. From the report published in a news media, it is known that Satyajit’s son director Sandeep Roy himself gave the seal to this news. In an old interview, he said that the legendary director wanted Amitabh to act in a Hindi television series about Feluda.

In an interview, Sandeep Roy said, Satyajit Roy wanted to make the story ‘Jat Kanda Kathmandu’ in Hindi. The name was fixed ‘Kissa Kathmandu ka’. The director wanted to see Amitabh in the role of Feluda. That’s how ‘Shahensha’ was offered. But he did not.

Why? Sandeep Roy said that a lot of time was needed for the shooting of the tele series. Meanwhile, Big B is very busy. One job after another. So he gave back the opportunity to become Feluda. Shashi Kapoor finally acted in that series.

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Later, of course, Amitabh worked as a commentator on Satyajit’s ‘Shataranj Ka Khiladi’. But the dream of seeing him as Feluda remained elusive for the fans. Feluda’s character was well suited to Big B’s height and mannerisms. What do you say?

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