Debina Bonnerjee: Gym, motivation without covering up during full pregnancy

Debina Bonnerjee: Gym, motivation without covering up during full pregnancy
Debina Bonnerjee: Gym, motivation without covering up during full pregnancy

Debina Bonnerjee, G 24 Hour Digital Bureau: ‘Lakshmi’ came to Devina Bandyopadhyay and Gurmeet Chowdhury’s house last April. After exactly 4 months after the birth of a daughter, the star couple announced the good news again. Handing over the USG report, they said that they are going to be parents again. The actress writes, ‘Some decisions are given by God, no one can change those decisions. It is such a blessing. He is coming to fulfill us.’ Meanwhile, the actress is determined to stay fit during her second pregnancy. He continues to exercise regularly. He shared some moments with his fans.

In Devina’s recent Instagram post, it is seen that Devina Banerjee is doing various exercises from squats to dumbbells. Physical exercise is going on with the help of a special type of ball kept in the gym on the advice of the trainer. For her convenience, the actress is wearing black leggings and a sports bra, with her hair tied in a topknot. Posting the video, Debina wrote, ‘Here’s a glimpse of how I can do some simple workouts with the help of my trainer. These days I have a healthy body, calm mind, and surround myself with some loving people!! Maintaining my fitness means that the baby growing inside my body is healthy.’

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A flood of comments flowed under this bodybuilding video of Devina. Some wrote, ‘Super mom’, some wrote, ‘Hottest, healthy momma’, some said, ‘Truly inspiring’, some advised caution while exercising.

Not only Devina Banerjee, Bipasha Basu, Alia Bhatt also went to exercise regularly on the advice of the trainer during pregnancy. In the past, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Anushka Sharma have become one of the examples of staying fit during pregnancy. While Kareena relied on yoga exercises, Anushka Sharma was seen walking on the treadmill and even doing tough exercises with her trainer’s advice.

Incidentally, after becoming a girl, actress Devina Banerjee had to face the sarcasm of some people on social media. Responding to her, the actress wrote, ‘There are many questions in your mind, why do I treat my daughter like this, why do I call my mother-in-law aunty. I just want to say, after all we have some arms around us to provide security, who assure me, all is well’. Incidentally, Debina Bandyopadhyay and Gurmeet Chowdhury got married in 2011, after ten years of marriage, they tied the knot again in October last year according to Bengali. After that, the star couple gave the good news of becoming parents in February 2022 and their first child was born in April.

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