‘I’m in no rush’


Jhelik, the champion of the first season of Channel I Serakantha, is currently spending a very busy time with music. He performed live on RTV last Thursday. The day before that, Jhelik sang at the five-star Hotel Radisson. Apart from this, there are new songs and recording of channel programs! Talking about his busyness, Jhelik said that he is always busy with music. However, the busyness is expected to increase further. Because the season of the show is coming. But it also depends a lot on the political situation. But I hope we artists can spend a very nice season. Meanwhile, several new songs of Jhelik have also been recorded. They will also be published in the future, but after a certain period of time.

He has given his voice in several movie songs.

But what is the reason why Jhelik is less available in the playback? The singer said, when I became the champion of the best voice, many people, including the respected judges, said that my voice was too good for playback. Did some playback too. But I think film songs have syndicates. But I am not disappointed at all. Because I think whoever deserves it will get it one day or the other. I like to work honestly at my place. I have no hypocrisy at all. There is no rush. Music is not a matter of haste. I have learned music. Still learning constantly. I will learn all my life. The creator has brought me to this place, I am getting praise from the good people, I am getting so much love from the audience, this is the fate of few people.

The article is in Bengali

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